Summer Vibes Bring Good Times

Happy Summer ELA Family!

We hope you're enjoying some of the sunshine, good food, and happier people.  There's nothing like the freedom to eat, drink, and be merry while enjoying good company.

Summer is the season to celebrate life. It's the time to thank yourself for all the hard work you did throughout the year. It's a time to be proud of yourself and everyone around you for all that you've accomplished. During summer, we don't have to worry about the ways in which we fell short, or the goals that we didn't meet; it's all about the things we did get right.

Take the time to look all around you. Somewhere you're going to find someone who's happy and determined to live stress-free today. Join them!  Be yourself as you are now and be proud of it.

Take the summer to celebrate the good things you do have. Take the time to celebrate the body that you have today. It may not be perfect but it's still working, and it's working for you.  Most of all it's beautiful and amazing.

Appreciate the money that you have right now. It may not be 1 million bucks, but it's enough for you to eat, and it's enough for you to stay alive to smile yet another day.  

Take time to smile at your boss today and all of your coworkers. They may not be the people you would have chosen, but they are vital parts of your life and they make your life possible.

It's summer, the season of loving life. Share the love; be the love. Happy vibes, bring good times. Offer the world the gift of contentment today and you will receive the gift of happiness in return.

Enjoy life this summer!

Who is Enjoy Life Apparel?

Enjoy Life Apparel, LLC is a clothing brand with a casual street vibe whose mission is to provide a product that inspires travelers, thrill seekers and everyday individuals to live a healthy and fearless lifestyle. This company was created by Alvic Kollie from Macon, Georgia as an e-business. Currently we sell tee shirts, jogger suits, beanies and baseball hats, but our selection is quickly growing to include jackets, women’s fitness gear and button-ups. The connection we make with individuals and their stories are central to our brand identity; we take the time to capture what inspires our family and consumers to live a fulfilling life in hopes that it will touch others.




In the month of May there are a probably a plethora of tasks that are likely raining down on you: exams, graduation, pictures, getting fit for the summer, Mothers' Day plans, events, on top of all of your daily tasks. Though we may want to accomplish 100 things in one day, there is a way to make life a little more simple and your days more effective.

Be honest with yourself: what really gets done when you have a thousand items on one to-do lists? Forcing yourself to at max 6 items each day also forces you to prioritize. The tasks with the biggest impact on your current well being--like say exercise--should be the ones that make it on to the list.

After prioritizing, be specific. Instead of saying exercise, you could say run for 30 minutes, do a CrossFit WOD, or a Zumba video. Instead of saying save money, you could say, put $30 from every paycheck into your savings account/jar.

Product highlight: E.L.A Joggers for working out in style. 

And if you have small tasks like doing laundry or responding to an email, tasks that won’t take more than two minutes, do them now! I love having a sticky note and a pen near my work desk, to jot down tasks that pop up in my head. For small tasks that won’t take too long to do, just do those one or two things then.

As you mark off items on your list, measure your progress. Are you reaching your larger goals by getting these more specific ? Are the Are you getting things done? If the answer is no, then readjust your goals, be more specific, stay focused, stay encouraged, give yourself adequate time to accomplish each task. If the answer is yes, then great, continue writing your lists and challenge yourself by adding something new like reading for 20 minutes or taking a art/paint break for 10 minutes.

Share what you think, any tips and how you're progressing through your lists!

Live life and be happy!



Everyone needs a friend


Accept that people will not like you just because you’re you. Their loss. There are a few that will. No matter if you’re into comic books, flowers, or traveling, there is a group of friends out there for you. For some people, acquiring friends may take a while to find or they may stumble into your life tomorrow. Just be patient. But when they come you’ll know, and then you can build those friendships daily.

With your closest friends, talk about deeper ideas, dreams, accomplishments and hopes instead of material things or what’s trending. What are your goals? What are your best friends’ goals? How are you helping each other reach these goals? Engaging in meaningful dialogue with people you want in your life is one of the first steps in building a long-lasting relationship with your friends.

Being that we live in the digital age, relationships and friends require more effort to develop and build because of the numerous distractions and digital spaces to escape. We must really work to create time for those relationships. We have libraries and databases of information at our fingertips, we can talk to friends miles away and even continents away, we can work from home or run an entire business from a laptop. That being said, what is convenient, easy or easily accessible will not suffice in developing relationships. Which means shortcuts won’t work.

New Year’s Resolutions? let's switch it up!

Enjoy Graphics (3) (1).png



The new year! A refreshing, revitalizing, renewing feeling rushes over us and we are ready for everything we expect the new year to have in store for us.

A new car, a new set of friends, a new fitness routine, a new you, a new life. And 2018 can very well be that year!

But wait! The new year—the drop of a ball, fireworks, parties and a countdown are not the catalysts for a completely new life. Is it? The second the clock strikes midnight, we are excited to throw ourselves into these new lives. Less than 2 months later, we are burnt out, back to our past routines, sitting on the couch living a mundane life. We can’t stay motivated. What are we missing? The key is making a real choice and following through with it. Nothing is going to change until you have decided within yourself to make specific choices, step by step, that will lead to a different life.

So what goals do you want to reach within the new year?

” We have so much going on: school, job, and overall life. So much, that it gets difficult for balance to happen and to look at the big picture. So think about what goal you can create to create balance in yourself, your relationships, your career.

Not everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon for your dreams and goals for various reasons. And that’s okay because everyone is not ready to go where you’re going. Your vision may only be clear to you. And your voice of faith must be stronger and louder than the voices that tell you that your dreams and goals are unrealistic or too big. Don’t let other people’s doubt turn into you doubting yourself.  

So set your goal.

You want to eat healthier? You want to lose weight? You want more meaningful connections? Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal. One of the main reasons we flake on our resolutions is because they are not S.M.A.R.T: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

Specific is the precise thing you want to see in your life. Make it specific to you, not specific to the you the world, your family or friends expect you to be. If you want to lose weight, then your specific goal can be “I want to lose 30 pounds so that I can participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness Race.” “I want to spend more time with my friends and be more open within my friendships and relationships, so I will spend time with family and/or friends once a week, working out, going to a museum, park, just having more meaningful conversations and quality time.

How do I MEASURE that?

Use checkpoints! Check your progress every two weeks or month by how many pounds you’ve lost, how many cups of fruit you’re adding/maintaining in your diet each week. How much money are you saving and investing in your business to grow your money. Measure your progress by numbers. Map out an idea or image of what you want to see at each growth checkpoint. Another measurement is asking for feedback from your friends and relationships you are working to improve.

Achievable does not always mean realistic. Achievable means possible for you. If you know you do not like getting up early, do not create a goal that requires you to get up at 4am every day to go to the gym. Set a goal where you work out after work or Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Or another example, you want to obtain your Master’s degree in Architecture by the end of May. Well, do you have a Bachelor’s or the core courses to pursue a Master’s. We are not saying dream big, but you have to start somewhere and sometimes that means starting small or at the beginning and working your way up. But remember to never give up.

When your goal is relevant, your goal fits into your life. Yes, you will be intentionally making changes to things within your life, but your goal makes sense to what you want your life to be. For example, I want to connect with two small businesses within my community to add two projects to my marketing portfolio. My goal is relevant because I went to school for marketing and that’s a field I want to pursue. But if I said, I want to create 10 new art pieces for an exhibit, that’s not so relevant. That’s not to say, I can’t have passions apart from a degree I’ve worked for, but if my focus is getting my marketing career started, then my specific goal should align with marketing.

Time-based is holding yourself accountable with a deadline. By what date do you want to reach your goal. The end of the year? Within the first 4 months of the New Year? Time-based and Measurable go hand-in-hand. Whatever your target date is, use your checkpoints to keep yourself motivated and progressing toward your deadline. A deadline pushes you to get something done in a certain amount of time so it doesn’t roll over into 2019.

Set your S.M.A.R.T. goals and follow through!

Happy New Year, everyone! And don’t forget to enjoy the little moments of the new year that makes up this thing called life.

Tell us how do you feel about New Year’s Resolutions? What goals have you set for yourself.