Live As You Are Made To Live

Happy New Year ELA Family!

We made it to 2017; a new year and a fresh start!

This is the most famous time of year for making a change.  Usually, weight loss, more money, and healthier relationships make the famous New Year’s Resolutions list.   Deciding to live life better today than we did yesterday if the first step toward living life to the fullest. 

Part of the vision for ELA is to change the world for the better by recognizing the greatness inside of every person.  We’re starting off small, with one smile, one shirt, and one encouragement at a time, and we know that if we continue to believe in the vision, our brand will grow.   The same is true for your New Year’s resolutions; if you believe in the best version of yourself, all the small steps you take will matter.  If you wake up every day remembering the greatness inside of you, you will stick to your resolutions and reach your goals.

Believe in who you are right now.  Take time to see all the good inside of you today.  This will give you a clear understanding of the person you are meant to become and what it takes to get there. 

Instead of resolving to change ourselves, maybe we should resolve to be ourselves.  We often compare our accomplishments and mistakes to those of others to determine our success in life.  But every person on this earth is unique so success should look differently for everyone. 

The only success in life is being who we are made to be.  To become that person, we first must believe in the value of who we are.  Your uniqueness is a gift.  The way you look, your talent, your mind, and your heart are special and are just as valuable as everyone else’s.  Enjoying life is easy when you are living exactly as you are made to live.

As you think about how you want to live life this year, start by believing that you have something special to offer the world.  Let your first resolution be to wake up each day believing in yourself and believing in the people around you. 

We believe in you and we’re cheering you on!

Enjoy life today!