Push Through Fear

Hello ELA Family!

We hope that life treated you well during the first month of 2017. We would love to hear about you so send us a message or write a comment below telling us how you started the New Year!

So much is happening and changing in the world around us.  A lot of times, our first reaction to change is fear.  As human beings, we like to be in control because we are constantly trying to secure our safety and happiness.  When we are faced with people and situations that we can’t control, we feel powerless; but we are never powerless.

There was a man who traveled thousands of miles with 3 generations of his family looking for a new home because his old home had been taken away.  For much of his life he lived well, with a good job, good health, and respect from his community.  He woke up one day and those things were gone.  He did not react to the situation with fear.  He responded with hope.  He lost his good job, but he still had skills he could use to get another job.  He lost some of his good health, but he kept a determined mind that would teach his body how to push through the pain and keep going.  He lost respect from his community, but he knew the world was a big place and he and his family found a new community, with those who were also experiencing loss.

We may not be able to control the actions of others, even ones that deeply affect our lives, but we can respond with hope and a positive mindset. Positivity isn’t denial of the hard things in life.  Positivity is an understanding that the present moment has all the tools needed to make the next moment better. 

Face today’s challenges with an understanding that you won’t be crushed by them but that you will learn from every obstacle.  Your knowledge of how to face tough situations and transform them into something better, will empower you and everyone around you.  It’s easier to run a race with endurance when there is someone with you pushing through as well.

Today, know that everyone around you is afraid of something just like you are.  Show them your hope and they will be inspired to join you on the road to a better life.

Push through the fear and enjoy life today!