Hello ELA Family!

This is a big week for us as Enjoy Life Apparel.  This week, we are on the road and dreams are coming true!

As I write this, our CEO and founder, Alvic Kollie, is on his way to promoting our brand and love of life at MAGIC, the annual fashion show in Las Vegas.  We're really excited to reach a new audience and meet other people who are living out their dreams by wearing their passion for life.

These are the moments that make all others worth living.  Enjoy Life Apparel is more than a clothing company or a few happy people smiling their way through life.  ELA is both a dream and a family all about finding constant connection to the meaning of life.  As human beings we are meant to grow, dream, build, sacrifice, succeed, and enjoy all the phases of life.  At ELA, we all know what it's like to have to start from the bottom and work our way up.  Instead of being unhappy until we reach the top, we choose to enjoy the ride!

Come celebrate this dream with us.  If you are in Las Vegas this week, stop by and visit us at MAGIC.  If you are a little farther away, follow us on Facebook Live as we broadcast the making of ELA history.

There's always a reason to celebrate life.  Celebrate this moment with us!