Hello ELA Family!

Spring is HERE!  This is the season for new life.  All of the hard work of winter is finally starting to pay off.

Spring is winter's masterpiece finally being revealed.  What part of yourself do you want to reveal to the world this year?  We spend a lot of time thinking about what we want to do or what we should have done with past opportunities.  This is the time to reveal some of the good things that we've already done. 

It's easy to think in terms of accomplished vs. unaccomplished and that way of thinking has it's place in the world. However, there is a 3rd perspective that is often overlooked.  We spend most of our time as a work in progress. Progress isn't just the space in between getting started and being finished.  Progress is also the end goal and the foundation for a new beginning.  Celebrate being a work in progress.

Spring is beautiful, not because it is nature's finished work.  Spring is beautiful because it's evidence that good things are still happening and that there is a forward motion in the universe that carries us all to better places.  

You are in a better place today than you were a year ago, because you are one year stronger and one year wiser.  Today is the best day of your life because today you've made more progress than you ever have.

Find the beauty in your progress.  Take time to notice the beauty in the progress of others.

 Your spring is here. Celebrate the renewal your life brings into the world. Enjoy your progress today!!