Happy Monday ELA Family!

If you have never read our blog or visited our page before today, welcome!  If you're here then you're family!

We are 2 full months into the New Year; are you still reaching for your New Year's resolutions?  If you're doing well and are reaching or passing your goals, GREAT!  We celebrate you and you are inspiring us to keep moving too!  If you're not doing so well or have given up completely, DON'T JUDGE YOURSELF.  This is a time for reflection and celebration of simply desiring a better life for yourself and others. We are here to encourage you! 

Today an executive sent an email to his entire staff reminding them that growing requires leaving some things behind.  We are creatures of comfort and habit; we don't like to leave things behind.  We want to keep the things we love because they bring us joy.  We even hold on to the things that hurt us, because at least we understand them.  Moving forward and growing into a more meaningful life means easing into unknown territory.  Even on the path to paradise we can be scared and deterred by the unfamiliar.

If you find yourself in this position, afraid to let go of the familiar, the beauty of life is, you're never alone.  There are so many of us here with you who are in the same place and we are here to greet you and walk the path with you as friends.  And the people who love you will cheer you on and some will even join you in their own time.

Nurture the life inside of you by freeing yourself a little bit from the fear of the unknown.  There is no path in life where anyone is truly alone.  Take the next step and you'll see something great in yourself that you didn't see before.  You'll see some reward in life that survived all the negativity bouncing back and forth in the world just so that you could find it and enjoy it. 

New life is in the unfamiliar!  Enjoy it!