Start Over With "I'm Happy To Be Here"

Hello Enjoy Life Apparel Family!

Welcome back! We really appreciate your support and we are happy you are here with us!

Every day we wake up faced with choices.  Some of us start the day with a morning routine. We wake up early before dawn, start a pot of coffee, and sip it during a few moments of silent meditation, ignoring our smartphones for just a little while.  We rise early to get our own thoughts and feelings together before the people around us wake up and starts telling us what we should be thinking and doing.

Some of us wake up and the world around us is already buzzing. We immediately start thinking about the to-do list of our day. We may respond with procrastination or the impulsion to just "get it over with".  A lot of us won't get out of bed before we check the latest headlines, skim our news feeds on Facebook, and scroll through our twitter feeds which will either make us laugh or make us scream.  We post a picture of our breakfast or coffee mug on Instagram on the way to work, telling the world we are "ready for the day" whether that's true or not, and we begin the business of daily life.

How we start our day can say a lot about how we live our lives.  We live in an age where there is never a shortage of information about how other people are living, and it's easier than ever to connect to people across the globe.  At the same time, all of this access can make it harder to connect to the people right next to us and even to ourselves.  We are constantly given images and words telling us what others are thinking and feeling.  As we take in those images, we start to relate to other people and we can also get lost in our desire to be more like them.

We have a tee shirt quoting Bob Marley saying, "My life is riches." Absolutely everyone has riches waiting to be found in their lives.

Life is hard even on the best days for many people.  However it is even harder if we move through life dreading our own days and envying the social media snapshots of another person's life.  Ask yourself, "Do I spend more time looking at someone else's life or do I spend more time being present to my life and the people around me? Why do I do that?"  

Social media captures a lot. We can share moments in real time through Periscope and Facebook live making us closer to friends and strangers who live far away. However, just because a moment isn't "social media worthy" doesn't mean it can't be a great moment or that is has to be lonely.

We can't escape our lives but we can enjoy them more, even in the hardest of times. Start your life over today by looking for one reason why you are happy you live today.  Try ending each day by thinking about the one thing you were glad you did or saw that day that you would have missed if you didn't wake up or get out of bed. If you can't think of anything, then vow to find or do one thing the next day, that will make that day worthwhile.

Great moments start with grateful attitudes.  Feeling like "I'm just happy to be here."  makes the difference.  Celebrating by saying, "I'm just happy to be alive." can transform dull moments into full ones.

Start enjoying life today by finding more reasons to smile.  Search for the riches around you.