Believing in New Beginnings



If this is your first visit to our site, welcome!  We are excited that you are here with us.

In the U.S., each day is getting warmer with a few more minutes of sunlight. Some of us emerged from winter ready for summer, already having our exercise routines in place, with our bodies ready for sundresses and our muscles perfectly toned for tightly fitting tanks tops.  Others of us spent the winter putting on more than just few extra layers of clothing, and are hoping that spring gives us just enough time to get in shape for the beach this summer. No matter who we are, springtime naturally pushes all of us toward a feeling of necessary transformation.

Transformation can bring both feelings of freedom and feelings of fear.  Often we want to try something new because we want to be something new. Yet sometimes we are held back because who we are now is familiar and easier to understand.

Raymond Lindquist said that, "Courage is the power to let go of the familiar." 

Enjoy Life  Apparel began because of years of being in work environments where no one was happy but almost everyone was afraid to reach for the things that would bring them joy. It's easy to get stuck when we and those around us spend more time looking for the reasons for our dissatisfaction than we do looking for the little victories of each day. My grandfather used to always say, "Each victory will help you some other to win."

When we start looking at all the ways we and those around us have succeeded in small things, we start to recognize that we all have what it takes to succeed in different and bigger things.  We can move up in our companies, start our own businesses, love more deeply in our friendships and relationships.  There is so much power in a person who believes in the strength within, and there is even greater power in a grower in a group of people who believe in each other.  

ELA Family, we are living something new by simply taking courage from the strength that helped us through past challenges.  Become something new by thinking in a new way.  Try spending more time looking for solutions than for problems.  Try spending more time focusing on what you love about your job than what you hate about it. 

Try looking for the best parts of the present moment. This will help us fully enjoy the gifts of the next moment.

Enjoy something new right where you are today!