Fear of Failure

Welcome Back ELA Family!!

We are so happy you are here with us.  We are here to celebrate life with you.

Everyone at some point in their lives dreams of something better than what they have right now.  That dream comes from a sense of purpose and a feeling that we are made to experience something amazing in our lifetimes.  Many of us have no idea of how to reach our dreams, we just know we want to somehow.  And some of us don't have a particular dream, we just want to feel better and be happier and don't care how we get there.  We all believe in something better, but how many of us take the risk and go for it? 

We asked people, "What keeps you from trying something new?".  They answered,

"Fear of failure."

"People always told me to be cautious so I listened."

"If I have only one chance, what if it doesn't work out?" 

"I want to, but what if I make the wrong choice? What will people think of me? Who will get hurt?"


Many of us go through our lives holding onto fear and presenting it as wisdom.  It is necessary to be cautious at times, however caution isn't inaction, it's wise action.  Fear causes paralyzing worry and prevents us from moving forward. 

It's okay to be cautious, however being cautious sometimes means being aware that things can go wrong and being willing to accept it and let go of the need to control the outcome.  If you are not happy where you are now, then fear of failure shouldn't be the thing holding you back.  Your current actions or attitudes are already failing you so there has to be more hope in changing.

The first step is understanding your why? Why are you not moving forward?  It is possible that you are being wise in waiting for a better time, however it's also likely that you are living in fear of things getting worse instead of better.

If it is fear holding you back, acknowledge that fear and face it.  Let it be transformed into hope and then start small.  Try talking to someone you've ignored or were afraid would reject you. Take a new route on the way home from work. Go spend a day in a different part of town and take in the different tastes, sights and sounds.  Find out that change can be good and lead to better, and build from there.

Let go of fear and you'll feel yourself enjoying life again or for the first time.