Season of Love, Sunshine, and Enjoying Life


It's been a while since our last post! We are happy to be back on track to share love and say thank you for your support.

Summertime is all about sunshine and love, or least that's we want it to be about.  School is out, vacation days are racking up waiting to be used, the ocean waves are calling our names, and the NBA playoffs call us to the local bar to gather and scream or celebrate with an anonymous community of fans.  Everywhere we go is filled with life.

In nature, summer is about celebrating the fruit and success of the hard work put in during the other three seasons.  Nature must die, refresh, an regrew during fall, winter, and spring.  But in summer, nature blooms, dances and soaks up all the sun's rays to celebrate the chance to live yet another year.

As people we are part of nature and in many ways we follow the same patterns.  We work hard year round, but do we ever give ourselves a full season to just celebrate the life we live? We can't be all work with no freedom to just enjoy life.  The best part about summer is that it's the easiest time of year to vacation without going far from home.  Almost everyone is venturing out into the streets looking for something to refresh their minds, bodies, and souls. Join them!  They may have just what you're looking for and your presence may be all they need to remember that life is a gift to be enjoyed together!

Let this season be about love, sunshine, and enjoying your life!