Summer Vibes Bring Good Times

Happy Summer ELA Family!

We hope you're enjoying some of the sunshine, good food, and happier people.  There's nothing like the freedom to eat, drink, and be merry while enjoying good company.

Summer is the season to celebrate life. It's the time to thank yourself for all the hard work you did throughout the year. It's a time to be proud of yourself and everyone around you for all that you've accomplished. During summer, we don't have to worry about the ways in which we fell short, or the goals that we didn't meet; it's all about the things we did get right.

Take the time to look all around you. Somewhere you're going to find someone who's happy and determined to live stress-free today. Join them!  Be yourself as you are now and be proud of it.

Take the summer to celebrate the good things you do have. Take the time to celebrate the body that you have today. It may not be perfect but it's still working, and it's working for you.  Most of all it's beautiful and amazing.

Appreciate the money that you have right now. It may not be 1 million bucks, but it's enough for you to eat, and it's enough for you to stay alive to smile yet another day.  

Take time to smile at your boss today and all of your coworkers. They may not be the people you would have chosen, but they are vital parts of your life and they make your life possible.

It's summer, the season of loving life. Share the love; be the love. Happy vibes, bring good times. Offer the world the gift of contentment today and you will receive the gift of happiness in return.

Enjoy life this summer!