Everyone needs a friend


Accept that people will not like you just because you’re you. Their loss. There are a few that will. No matter if you’re into comic books, flowers, or traveling, there is a group of friends out there for you. For some people, acquiring friends may take a while to find or they may stumble into your life tomorrow. Just be patient. But when they come you’ll know, and then you can build those friendships daily.

With your closest friends, talk about deeper ideas, dreams, accomplishments and hopes instead of material things or what’s trending. What are your goals? What are your best friends’ goals? How are you helping each other reach these goals? Engaging in meaningful dialogue with people you want in your life is one of the first steps in building a long-lasting relationship with your friends.

Being that we live in the digital age, relationships and friends require more effort to develop and build because of the numerous distractions and digital spaces to escape. We must really work to create time for those relationships. We have libraries and databases of information at our fingertips, we can talk to friends miles away and even continents away, we can work from home or run an entire business from a laptop. That being said, what is convenient, easy or easily accessible will not suffice in developing relationships. Which means shortcuts won’t work.