In the month of May there are a probably a plethora of tasks that are likely raining down on you: exams, graduation, pictures, getting fit for the summer, Mothers' Day plans, events, on top of all of your daily tasks. Though we may want to accomplish 100 things in one day, there is a way to make life a little more simple and your days more effective.

Be honest with yourself: what really gets done when you have a thousand items on one to-do lists? Forcing yourself to at max 6 items each day also forces you to prioritize. The tasks with the biggest impact on your current well being--like say exercise--should be the ones that make it on to the list.

After prioritizing, be specific. Instead of saying exercise, you could say run for 30 minutes, do a CrossFit WOD, or a Zumba video. Instead of saying save money, you could say, put $30 from every paycheck into your savings account/jar.

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And if you have small tasks like doing laundry or responding to an email, tasks that won’t take more than two minutes, do them now! I love having a sticky note and a pen near my work desk, to jot down tasks that pop up in my head. For small tasks that won’t take too long to do, just do those one or two things then.

As you mark off items on your list, measure your progress. Are you reaching your larger goals by getting these more specific ? Are the Are you getting things done? If the answer is no, then readjust your goals, be more specific, stay focused, stay encouraged, give yourself adequate time to accomplish each task. If the answer is yes, then great, continue writing your lists and challenge yourself by adding something new like reading for 20 minutes or taking a art/paint break for 10 minutes.

Share what you think, any tips and how you're progressing through your lists!

Live life and be happy!