Season of Love, Sunshine, and Enjoying Life


It's been a while since our last post! We are happy to be back on track to share love and say thank you for your support.

Summertime is all about sunshine and love, or least that's we want it to be about.  School is out, vacation days are racking up waiting to be used, the ocean waves are calling our names, and the NBA playoffs call us to the local bar to gather and scream or celebrate with an anonymous community of fans.  Everywhere we go is filled with life.

In nature, summer is about celebrating the fruit and success of the hard work put in during the other three seasons.  Nature must die, refresh, an regrew during fall, winter, and spring.  But in summer, nature blooms, dances and soaks up all the sun's rays to celebrate the chance to live yet another year.

As people we are part of nature and in many ways we follow the same patterns.  We work hard year round, but do we ever give ourselves a full season to just celebrate the life we live? We can't be all work with no freedom to just enjoy life.  The best part about summer is that it's the easiest time of year to vacation without going far from home.  Almost everyone is venturing out into the streets looking for something to refresh their minds, bodies, and souls. Join them!  They may have just what you're looking for and your presence may be all they need to remember that life is a gift to be enjoyed together!

Let this season be about love, sunshine, and enjoying your life!

Enjoying The Unexpected

Welcome Back ELA Family and Happy Mother's Day to all of our moms!

For all of you mothers and surrogate mothers out there, thank you for loving us and helping our dreams come true! There's nothing like a mother's love. 

We are half way into May and almost half of 2017 has come and gone.  Is the year going as planned? Did you even realize that you had expectations for this year? 

What has been the best part of your year so far?  What makes you smile the most each day?  Are they things you expect or are they things that happen by surprise? It's easy to think we have to plan our happiness by trying to avoid the hard and painful things in life. However, there are many times when the things we didn't expect pop up and give us joy that we couldn't plan into existence.

It's true that unexpected things can bring sadness and make life harder to appreciate and enjoy.  But there is a way to appreciate even those hard times and find something enjoyable in them.

When things happen or people show up in our lives that we didn't anticipate we can only respond with positivity or negativity.  When we find ourselves swept up in the unknown, we can't always control the situation, the people around us, or the direction of the situation.  However we can be prepared for surviving and thriving in unknown places.

How can we prepare for something we don't know anything about or when it will happen?  How we respond to the things going on in our lives today is how we will respond to the new things planned or unplanned tomorrow.  If we find something to enjoy every day not matter how small, then we will find something pleasant to enjoy even in tight situations that we cannot avoid or see coming.  

Our founder, Alvic Kollie, created the Compass Tee to remind us that it's possible to enjoy something in every season of life.  “Life takes you in so many directions; it’s about enjoying life wherever you are on the journey.”

So wherever you are on your journey through life, good or bad, planned or unplanned, find the the thing in you and around you that never stops giving hope to your situation.  Find that one thing and focus on it.  It will change your perspective and prepare you to see the next unexpected event as an opportunity rather than a setback.

Enjoy life today!


Fear of Failure

Welcome Back ELA Family!!

We are so happy you are here with us.  We are here to celebrate life with you.

Everyone at some point in their lives dreams of something better than what they have right now.  That dream comes from a sense of purpose and a feeling that we are made to experience something amazing in our lifetimes.  Many of us have no idea of how to reach our dreams, we just know we want to somehow.  And some of us don't have a particular dream, we just want to feel better and be happier and don't care how we get there.  We all believe in something better, but how many of us take the risk and go for it? 

We asked people, "What keeps you from trying something new?".  They answered,

"Fear of failure."

"People always told me to be cautious so I listened."

"If I have only one chance, what if it doesn't work out?" 

"I want to, but what if I make the wrong choice? What will people think of me? Who will get hurt?"


Many of us go through our lives holding onto fear and presenting it as wisdom.  It is necessary to be cautious at times, however caution isn't inaction, it's wise action.  Fear causes paralyzing worry and prevents us from moving forward. 

It's okay to be cautious, however being cautious sometimes means being aware that things can go wrong and being willing to accept it and let go of the need to control the outcome.  If you are not happy where you are now, then fear of failure shouldn't be the thing holding you back.  Your current actions or attitudes are already failing you so there has to be more hope in changing.

The first step is understanding your why? Why are you not moving forward?  It is possible that you are being wise in waiting for a better time, however it's also likely that you are living in fear of things getting worse instead of better.

If it is fear holding you back, acknowledge that fear and face it.  Let it be transformed into hope and then start small.  Try talking to someone you've ignored or were afraid would reject you. Take a new route on the way home from work. Go spend a day in a different part of town and take in the different tastes, sights and sounds.  Find out that change can be good and lead to better, and build from there.

Let go of fear and you'll feel yourself enjoying life again or for the first time.


Start Over With "I'm Happy To Be Here"

Hello Enjoy Life Apparel Family!

Welcome back! We really appreciate your support and we are happy you are here with us!

Every day we wake up faced with choices.  Some of us start the day with a morning routine. We wake up early before dawn, start a pot of coffee, and sip it during a few moments of silent meditation, ignoring our smartphones for just a little while.  We rise early to get our own thoughts and feelings together before the people around us wake up and starts telling us what we should be thinking and doing.

Some of us wake up and the world around us is already buzzing. We immediately start thinking about the to-do list of our day. We may respond with procrastination or the impulsion to just "get it over with".  A lot of us won't get out of bed before we check the latest headlines, skim our news feeds on Facebook, and scroll through our twitter feeds which will either make us laugh or make us scream.  We post a picture of our breakfast or coffee mug on Instagram on the way to work, telling the world we are "ready for the day" whether that's true or not, and we begin the business of daily life.

How we start our day can say a lot about how we live our lives.  We live in an age where there is never a shortage of information about how other people are living, and it's easier than ever to connect to people across the globe.  At the same time, all of this access can make it harder to connect to the people right next to us and even to ourselves.  We are constantly given images and words telling us what others are thinking and feeling.  As we take in those images, we start to relate to other people and we can also get lost in our desire to be more like them.

We have a tee shirt quoting Bob Marley saying, "My life is riches." Absolutely everyone has riches waiting to be found in their lives.

Life is hard even on the best days for many people.  However it is even harder if we move through life dreading our own days and envying the social media snapshots of another person's life.  Ask yourself, "Do I spend more time looking at someone else's life or do I spend more time being present to my life and the people around me? Why do I do that?"  

Social media captures a lot. We can share moments in real time through Periscope and Facebook live making us closer to friends and strangers who live far away. However, just because a moment isn't "social media worthy" doesn't mean it can't be a great moment or that is has to be lonely.

We can't escape our lives but we can enjoy them more, even in the hardest of times. Start your life over today by looking for one reason why you are happy you live today.  Try ending each day by thinking about the one thing you were glad you did or saw that day that you would have missed if you didn't wake up or get out of bed. If you can't think of anything, then vow to find or do one thing the next day, that will make that day worthwhile.

Great moments start with grateful attitudes.  Feeling like "I'm just happy to be here."  makes the difference.  Celebrating by saying, "I'm just happy to be alive." can transform dull moments into full ones.

Start enjoying life today by finding more reasons to smile.  Search for the riches around you.

Believing in New Beginnings

Believing in New Beginnings

When we start looking at all the ways we and those around us have succeeded in small things, we start to recognize that we all have what it takes to succeed in different and bigger things.  We can move up in our companies, start our own businesses, love more deeply in our friendships and relationships.  There is so much power in a person who believes in the strength within, and there is even greater power in a grower in a group of people who believe in each other.